Vidya Niketan School follows the ICSE Syllabus till Std X and the ISCsyllabus for Std XI and XII.

The school is divided into 3 Sections
Primary school - Std I to IV Middle School - Std V to VII High School - Std VIII to X The ISC section has two streams - Science and Commerce
Section for Alternative Studies (SAS)
We cater to the varied learning abilities of 13 – 15 year old students who opt for an alternative curriculum to complete their secondary schooling.

• Flipped Learning
• Self Learning

While teachers are encouraged and trained in new teaching methodologies, students are also taught the skill of introspection, self awareness and goal-setting

Students are helped in doing the above by-
Self-evaluation of their own answer papers after an examination helps the students recognize their mistakes. Introspection happens during bench-marking when students analyze their strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject and also the changes they need to make in learning strategy. This awareness helps the students to set realistic goals for the next examination.


Teaching methodologies
Vidya Niketan School constantly tries to expose teachers to new techniques in the teaching-learning process. This helps to make the subjects interesting and makes a difference between memorizing and true learning.

The various methods used are
• Mind mapping – a technique which enhances memory through visual representation
• Project-Based Learning – A student-centred activity where students learn through research and reference.
• Group Work – Students learn by collaborating as a team. This method not only encompasses a new approach to learning , but also teaches students team work and collective responsibility- a valuable life skill.